Collan Graham Snushall

Collan Graham Snushall, aka SNASHALL, was born at Broken Hill NSW in 1893 to parents George and Catherine Snushall. Collan was the sixth of nine children. He had five older siblings - Sarah (Ivy) Emily, Elizabeth (Edna) May, Maude Ada Ethel Victoria, Lindsay Murdock Graham and William (Bill) Harold. He was to have three younger siblings - Ida (who died at or soon after birth), Edward (Ted) James and Ada (Rae) Alma.

It is noted that Collan always spelt his surname as SNASHALL. It is assumed that he moved with his parents from NSW to WA but information provided by his Great Granddaughter, Fiona-Dee McLean, shows that Collan lived most of his adult life in the Port Adelaide area of South Australia.

Collan, who was aged 35 at the time, married Annie Maud Sarah Young (nee EDEN) on 5th July 1928 at Port Adelaide. Annie was 38. This was Annie's second marriage. At the age of 17 she married Peter Albert Young, who was 23, at Hindmarsh SA on 19th March 1907.

Collan was listed as a surviving child on his Mother's Death Certificate in 1934. His age was given as 41 and his name was recorded as Colin J. Snushall. The person who provided this information was Collan’s older sister, Maude Attwood (nee Snushall).

Collan and Annie had a number of children, including Fiona-Dee's grandmother, Merle Annie (Doody) Snashall who was born on 7th January 1930 and died 11th August 1988. The 10 children (excluding Merle) were listed as Collan and Annie's children in Merle's obituary printed in the Adelaide "Advertiser Newspaper". They were given as Patti, Val, Emily, Tiny, Lily, Della, Ray, Charlie, Nooky and Ronnie.

Collan and Annie and their family were living at 8 Quebec Street, Port Adelaide, when Annie died at age 56 on 2nd February 1945. She was buried the following day at Cheltenham Cemetery where she was interred quite close to their son, Ronald Graham Snashall, who had died of drowning on 17th March 1939 at age 15 years. Annie lies in an unmarked grave (234 A Center) in row 29, Area E. The lease on her plot was purchased by Annie's eldest daughter, Mrs Emily Roach (nee Young). There was no lease on Ronald's plot (234 South) in row 29, Area E, which was reclaimed in 1970.

Collan was living at 16 Rose Street, Carrondown (now Croydon), when he died at age 58 on 22nd April 1951, just a couple of months earlier than his older sister, Sarah Emily Reed (nee Snashall), who also died in Adelaide in 1951. Collan was buried at Cheltenham Cemetery on 24 April 1951 and lies in an unmarked grave (13B North) between the Charlton and WillsmoreŁ graves on row 42 in Area P. The lease on his plot was purchased by Mrs Joe Reed, Collan’s older sister, Sarah Emily Reed.

Partly due to the fact that the older children may have adopted their stepfather's surname, it is still uncertain at this time which of the children were from Annie's first marriage, and which of them are Collan’s children. As best as possible, it has been ascertained that:

Annie and Peter Young's children were:

Emily Harriet (1908-)
Pearlene (Tiny) May (1910-)
Lillian (Lily) Ida (1912-)
Raymond (Ray) George (1914-)
Dardanella (Della) Joyce (1916-)

Annie and Collan Snashall’s children were:

Colin Charles (Charlie) (1919-1982)
Howard Edward (Nooky) (1922-1965)
Merle Annie (Doody) (1930-1988)
Patricia (Patti)
Valmai (Val) Jean
Ronald (Ronnie) Graham (1924-1939)