The Snushall Family

Trevor's paternal Grandfather was known by his family in West Australia as Lindsay George Brown. Whilst researching the life of his grandfather, Trevor came to believe that Lindsay changed his name years before he married Trevor's Grandmother in 1920.  Further research showed that he had been born Lindsay Murdock Graham Snushall, and his parent's names were George Snushall and Catherine Cassidy.

Trevor's research into this Snushall Connection ¯ is documented in more detail in the sections - George & Catherine Snushall and Lindsay M. G. Snushall This section documents the Snushall family of Australia, which all started in NSW with the marriage of William Snushall and Elizabeth Graham at Albury on 28th December 1854.

William Snushall was born in England on 18 October 1823 to parents Moses and Jane Snushall. William was their second child and only son. His sisters were Ann (b. 1822), Mary (b. 1826), Louisa (b. 1828), Mary (b. 1830) & Lucy (b. 1834). It's assumed that the older daughter named Mary might have died as a young child for the parents to name another child by the same name. No record can be found of when William Snushall came to Australia although research shows that a William Snushall traveled from Panama to San Francisco via Acapulco on SS California, arriving 5 October 1851. It is probable that he worked on the gold-fields of San Francisco before coming to Australia, as later records given by his son, John Colin Roberts Snushall, state that William spent most of his adult life on the gold-fields.

Elizabeth Graham was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on 11 January 1834 to parents Colin Graham and Catherine McColl. Her father was a Manager of a Glassworks factory. Elizabeth had an older brother and twin sisters, Lindsay Murdock (b. 1830), Isabella & Isseria (b. 1832). She was to have a younger sister and two brothers, Jean (b. 1836), Colin (b. 1840) and John (b. 1845). All the children were born in Scotland. Elizabeth migrated separately to Australia about 1852. There is a record of an Elizabeth Graham arriving in NSW as a passenger on the SS Stamboul¯ in 1854 from the UK. She was unaccompanied and stated her age as 23, but records show that she would only have been 20.

William and Elizabeth were both living at Wentworth, in the colony of Victoria, when they were married at Albury on 28 December 1854. They had three sons, William Lindsay Murdock Graham Snushall born in 1857, John Colin Roberts Snushall born in 1860 and George Snushall born in 1861.

Available records do not show where William was born, other than stating he was born in NSW. However John and George were both born at Araluen NSW, which was a gold field town. It's not clear when William and Elizabeth moved there but the family remained living there for about three years following the birth of George, at which time they moved to another gold field about 12 miles from Araluen, called Jembaicumbene (pronounced Jum-bay-i-cum-been) where they lived about three years.

George's older brother William died at the age of 9 years on 2 January 1867. Soon after that the family traveled to New Zealand where they lived at gold diggings at Kanieri (pronounced canary) and remained there for 6 years. The family then returned to Australia and lived in the rich gold reefing district called Hill End in NSW where they lived and worked for about 4 years.

The family again moved, this time to a copper mine called Snowball near Gundagai. After about 4 years, their son, John, departed on his own and traveled on foot to the copper mines at Cobar where he worked on the copper smelting works and furnaces for 12-months.

In the meantime, William, Elizabeth and George moved to a new copper mine at Mount Hope. There was work there and they got word to John at Cobar, who later joined up with them again. John was to write that when he arrived at Mount Hope, he was only the sixth man in the area, and his mother was the only woman. John went on to write that kangaroos, emus, turkeys and other game was plentiful and they could be shot from the doorway of the family house. They never saw beef for the first 12 months that they were there, only mutton; water was very scarce the first summer that they lived there. Each workingman was only allowed half a bucket of water per day each, so William and John got one bucket between them for the whole family.  John also wrote that during the course of the first four years there were two fair sized towns built in the area.

Some months later, John married Harriet Trevithick at Mount Hope on 17th April 1882 and went on to join the NSW Police Force in which he pursued a long and successful career.

The following year, George married Catherine Josephine Cassidy at Gundagai on the 26th February 1883. John's writings of his childhood make no specific note that his brother George was still living with the family during this time in Mount Hope. However, George and Catherine's wedding certificate states that at that time George's usual place of living was Mount Hope.

Much of the above life-story was taken from an article titled "A Policeman Reminisces", printed in the NSW Police News in 1964, which was written by William's son, John Colin Roberts Snushall, who described his childhood and his long career in the NSW Police Force. A copy of the article was given to me by one of John's Great Grandchildren, Jill Snushall.

In that article, John also made the following comments about his Father.

"He was a good father, strictly honest, upright, straightforward, thoroughly sober, religious, and would scorn to do a wrong action to another, but a man of few words, and when he did speak, he always could be relied on to mean what he did say."
John went on to write: "My dear Mother has always been a good woman and lived exactly in the same way and on the same principles as my Father."

Little more is known about William and it is believed that he died about 1886. Aged 53, Elizabeth went on to marry William King Roberts at Cooma NSW on 10 May 1887. They had no children. Elizabeth died on 19 July 1911 at Prospect, Blacktown Shire NSW. She had been ill for 3 days with Peritonitis. Elizabeth was buried in the Prospect Church of England Cemetery on 21 July 1911. Her son, John Colin Roberts Snushall, was listed as the informant on her Death Certificate.

It's interesting to note that William Snushall’s sister, Lucy Snushall, married a George Graham and they had 10 children including a son named Lindsay Murdock Graham. Colin and Catherine Graham named their first child Lindsay Murdock Graham. William and Elizabeth named their first child, William Lindsay Murdock Graham Snushall. It was again used by George & Catherine Snushall to name their son, Lindsay Murdock Graham Snushall, who was my Grandfather.

William Lindsay Murdock Graham (1857-1867)
John Colin Roberts (1860-1928)
George (1861-1935)