The Bamkin Family

Trevor's G G G Grandparents were William BAMKIN (b.1815 - d.1897) and Mary Jane BIRD (b.1816  -d.1895).  They were both born in England and they married in 1843 at Leicester in England. Both of them died at Leicester, England aged 82 and 79 respectively.

Their son, John William BAMKIN, was born on 20 February 1847 at Buckingham, England. John was a Second Hand Dealer. He married Jemima MAGGS on 1 January 1866 at Clifton, Gloucestershire, England, when John was 18 years of age. Jemima was born at Clifton on 6 September 1845. John and Jemima had six children, most of who died in infancy.

Following the death in England of the two first born children, Emma b.1866-d.1868 and William Edwin b.1867-d.1868, John (24) and Jemima (25) together with their 1yo surviving son, Frederick John, moved to live in Victoria, Australia. The family traveled on the SS Western Empire and arrived in Victoria in September 1871. On the voyage Jemima gave birth to Mary Jane Bamkin on 18th June, 1871. The birth was registered in Victoria

John and Jemima were to have two more children while living in Melbourne, though both children died as infants. They were Alice b.1873-d.1875, and Joseph b.1875-d.1876. Jemima died in Melbourne 10 days after the birth of Joseph, who was born on 28 June 1875. Jemima was 30 years of age.

Some months later, on 6 Nov 1875 at the age of 28, John married Sarah Anne JONES. Sarah was born on 4 Dec 1857. The baby, Joseph, died some months later, on 24 January 1876.

John and Sarah had three children, all boys. Sarah Anne died in South Fremantle, West Australia on 1 Jul 1918. She was 60.

John William Bamkin died in South Fremantle WA on 4 Dec 1920. He was 73. John and Sarah are buried together in the Methodist section of the Fremantle Cemetery.

Children to William Bamkin & Jemima Maggs:

Emma (1866-1868)
William Edwin (1867-1868)
Frederick John (1869-1915)
Mary Jane (1871-1895)
Alice (1873-1875)
Joseph (1875-1876)

Children to William Bamkin & Sarah Anne Jones:

William James (1876-1876)
Charles Sydney (1878-1956)
Bert (Bertie) Conley (1885-1917)

Frederick John BAMKIN

Birth: 17 Nov 1869, Leicester, England.
Death: 23 Sep 1915, Fremantle WA
Burial: Fremantle Cemetery
Occ: Land Agent
Reli: Anglican
Father: John William BAMKIN (1847-1920)
Mother: Jemima MAGGS (1847-1875)

Spouse: Florence Meyler PELLETT
Birth: abt 1871
Death: 3 Jan 1925, Beaconsfield WA
Father: Captain George Maylor PELLETT
Mother: Sarah STEVENS
Marr: 28 Sep 1893, Melbourne, Victoria


William (Bill) Frederick (1894-1978)
Charles George (1898-1990)
Howard James (Baden) (Twin) (1901-1964)
Ernest (Erny) Maylor (Twin) (1901-1977)
Florence May (1903-?)
Frederick (Fred) John (1905-1968)
Myrtle (1907-?)

Ernie,Charles,Mytle,Baden,William&Fred Bamkin

     Ernie, Charles, Mytle, Baden, William & Fred Bamkin