Harry & Mary Heathcote

Harry George Heathcote was born at Ballarat, Victoria, in 1862 to parents, Richard HEATHCOTE, labourer, and Sarah Agatha WORRELL, who were Paulette's Great Great Grandparents. Harry was 21 when he married Mary Brown, 23, at Ballarat on 31 December 1883. Mary was born in 1859 at Fryerstown, near Ballarat, to parents George BROWN and Hannah CUSACK. Her father was a miner.

Mary had two previous children, James (b.1879) and Joseph Carey (b.1882) who were both born at Ballarat. Harry and Mary had 8 children, all of whom, with the exception of Elizabeth Ellen and Albert Heathcote, were born at Ballarat, Victoria. Birth records state that Elizabeth and Albert were both born in Brunswick. Elizabeth was born on the 22 January 1887 and was Paulette's paternal Grandmother.

During WWI, Harry enlisted in the AIF on 1 April 1916 at the age of 45. His occupation at the time of enlistment was a cook, and no doubt due to his age and experience; he was almost immediately promoted to Sgt Cook. However, his time in the Army was short-lived as soon after his enlistment, and before he was sent overseas, he was found to be suffering from a septic wound to the foot as a result of an earlier accident that occurred about 1886 when a pitch fork was thrust through his foot. The wound, years later, was found to be festered and discharging, and Harry was found to be medically unfit and discharged from the AIF on 25 May 1916.

Mary Heathcote (nee Brown) died at 84 at the Ceritas Christi Fespice€¯ at Kew on 26 August 1943 and she was buried at the Falkner Cemetery the following day. She had been suffering from senility for about 10 years and Myocarditis for the last six months. At the time of her death, Mary's Death Certificate described her as a widow. Obviously, Harry had died prior to 1943, though no record of his death has been found.


James (1879-)
Joseph Casey (1882-)
Hannah May (1884-)
Elizabeth Ellen (1887-1980)
Harry George (1889-)
Albert (1892-)
Mary Bolonica (1895-)
Teresa Agnes (1898-)
Thomas Patrick (1900-)
Helena Margaret (1906-)