Maude A.E.V. Snushall

Maude Ada Ethel Victoria SNUSHALL was born in Cambelltown NSW in 1887 to parents George and Catherine Snushall. Maude married Norman Leslie Attwood in Bathurst in 1904. Norman was a foreman carpenter with the NSW Railways working on bridges within a 100-mile radius of Sydney. Norman worked two weeks on the job and came home on the weekends every fortnight until he retired at 65.

Maude's mother lived with Maude and Norman at 34 Hicks Ave, Mascot NSW for a time before she was admitted to the Sacred Heart Hospice where she later died. Maude provided the family details and signed the Death Certificate. It is noted that at that time Maude spelt her mother's surname as Snushall and so it is assumed that her family spelt their surname Snushall.

Norman was 88 when he died. His last few years were spent in a nursing home at Malarbar NSW. The home at 34 Hicks Avenue Mascot remained the family home until Norman died. 34 Hicks Ave was then sold and Maude moved to Robey Street Maroubra, a suburb of Sydney, where she lived with her daughter, Gloria  ("Girlie") Tyler, and her second husband.

Maude died in the early 1970s after a couple of years at a Maroubra Nursing Home. She was 91.

Maude and Norman Attwood had the following children:

i.Norman Leslie Royston (Roy) (1904-~1995)
ii.Arnold Kay Bassett (1913-?)
iii.Gloria Joan Peace (Girlie) (1918-)