William Harold Brown

Harold was born on 17 October 1931 in Collie WA to parents, Lindsay George Brown and Margaret Ellen (Nell) McGlenchy. He was only 6 months old when his father died on 3 May 1932. For some years his Aunty Mary and Uncle Les Ashworth raised him.

He also lived for a while with Pop & Grandma Lyon at Northam. He had a part time job delivering newspapers and was worried that he might sleep-in some mornings and not complete his paper delivery. When reminiscing about Grandma Lyon’s reputation for crankiness¯, Harold laughingly recalled that every morning Grandma Lyon woke him up loudly by banging her walking stick on his bedroom door and there was no chance of ever sleeping in.

On 19 October 1957, when William Harold was 26, he married Vilma Daphne (Jean) IRWIN, in Victoria Park, Perth, WA. Albert Wainwright was their Best Man. Jean was born on 19 May 1936. Harold’s occupation was Railway Guard with the Western Australia Railways.

As was the case with most of his brothers and sisters, Harold suffered chronic heart disease and had to have a triple bypass. Those grafts closed over relatively quickly after the first operation and it was necessary for him to again have another triple bypass to correct the problem. His medical condition didn’t adversely affect his love for golf and he holds many trophies attesting to his skill.

In February 2004, Uncle Harold was taken to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth where he was diagnosed as suffering from a brain tumor. When it was determined that his condition was terminal and surgery was not an option, he was transferred to the Rockingham Hospital, which was closer to home and made it easier on Aunt Jean to be constantly at his side.

Uncle Harold’s condition slipped rapidly and he died in hospital on Thursday, 4 March 2004. His funeral was held at the Fremantle Cemetery Crematorium on Tuesday, 9 March 2004.

Harold and Jean had the following children:

Edward John (John).  Born on 5 Oct 1959.
Stephen Harold.         Born on 21 May 1960.
Peter Shane.              Born on 6 Oct 1962.
Geoffrey Allan            Born on 11 Mar 1964 - Died 10 Mar 2004.